Stand For Something

Today we are going to be talking about Standing for Something! One way to be brave in your life is to stand up for something you believe in.

We can all get caught up in not wanting to stand up for something that we believe in. Sometimes we care what others think about us if we do.

The bottom line is that we must learn that caring what others think can hold us back from so much. I have talked about this in a past episode.

Whether you want to help save the sea turtles, or you want to make sure that your class gets to have a vote for something school.

So why does this matter?

I think it is so important to have something that you are passionate about and that you stand for. If you like wearing your hair a certain way, or standing up for those not treated right then its your job to do that! Starting to do these things now will give you confidence in your life. It will help you become stronger and more passionate about what YOU care about. You won't care what others think you should care about. This is about being YOU and loving who you are and what you care about in this world.

Here are some tips for starting to stand up for something you believe in.

Figure out what lights you up.

Start with figuring out what lights you up. What fuels you and your heart every single day. Learn more about it and research this. Talk to your teachers or parents about this and maybe even your friends. Learning more about something that you feel passionate about will help you understand what’s going on. It will empower you to make a change or a difference in this world.

Start small.

Maybe its something small at home you want to stand for. Maybe you want to instill family game night because you love it. You think its important for your family to do this.

Talk to your parents and siblings that this means something to you and you want to make sure it happens. Look at the calendar and set the date. Let them know how much it means to you. Expressing how you feel and standing for something you believe in will help grow that confidence. Once you get that feeling of standing up for something you believe in, you feel so proud of yourself. Then you can move on and feel brave to stand up for bigger things in your life.


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